10 Tips To Identify Ladyboy in Pattaya

As everyone knows, Pattaya has a lot of Ladyboys and if you can’t identify then it’s gonna be quite a show when you go back to your room. So knowing some details about Ladyboys becomes very essential if you don’t want to see a willy may be bigger than yours. I am sure it is difficult to exactly know if she is a girl or no because some ladyboys are extremely beautiful. So I have a consolidated a couple of pointers to exactly distinguish between ladyboys & women.

1. Ask

First and the best thing is to ask. I am sure you might feel weird to do so but it is not weird at all. Girls don’t feel bad if they are asked this question because even they know that ladyboys are beautiful and difficult to determine. On the other hand, ladyboys are not ashamed to accept if they are.

2. Height

The average height of Thai women is approximately 5.2 feet, however, the average height of a Thai ladyboy is around 5.6 feet and above. So a ladyboy is much taller than the average women in Pattaya. Also, observe that Ladyboys generally have large hands and feet.

3. Body

Male usually have certain body features which are surely noticeable. Features like broader shoulders, narrower hips, wider jaws and, of course, laryngeal prominence, a projection at the front of the neck formed by the thyroid cartilage of the larynx, often prominent in men also called Adam’s apple.

4. Too Feminine

This might be ridiculous but Ladyboys often look more girly than the actual woman. Big tits, over makeup and a ramp walk/ catwalk are some of the more predominant ladyboy features to identify them.

5. Overacting

One more stupid observation is how ladyboys act. Their flamboyant personality can be easy detected. Thai women are usually reserved kind, therefore ladyboys literally stand out the crowd.

6. Dress

Cabaret dancer are Ladyboys and almost everyone knows that but identifying ladyboys in the street is the trick. Observe the way they are dressed. Ladyboys usually dress very sexily and attractive showing more cleavage and skin. Thai girls are generally shy to wear such sexy dresses.

7. Voice

The smooth low-tone croon saying “hello, handsome man” can be heard almost everywhere but if you are sensitive in your ears then you can identify a pitch difference in women and ladyboy. The voice of a ladyboy is deeper comparing to any women and if you really want to hear there voice, piss them off. The real voice will blow you away. By the way, don’t piss a ladyboy if you want things to be good.

8. Overreacting

Ladyboy usually overreacts to any situation, say it happy or angry. Ladyboy call out guys, be more touchy and pretend to be very very happy seeing you. On the other hand, Ladyboys when they are angry they can rip you apart because they are very strong. Remember one thing, never every abuse Ladyboys if you want to survive Pattaya.

9. Link Elbows

Hold your arms out straight in front of you, palms up and together. Now try to bring your elbows together without bending your arms. If you have a male skeleton, you won’t be able to make them touch at least not without a lot of pain. Those with a female skeleton can easily do.

10. Legal Check

Last and the best advice is to ask for their ID Card. That cannot lie!