5 Brilliant Hacks To Enjoy Pattaya To The Fullest

Pattaya is an amazing place to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy but it so happens that most of the times you fly back unsatisfied. I am not referring to your sexual activities but all other things. You decide to get a foot massage but end up getting one of the worst massages can often happen. You call a girl to your room and discover that she is really he, can also happen. So how would you escape the crazy world of Pattaya to truly enjoy your time at this wonderful city? Well, this article might turn out to be a bible for you!

1. Thai Language

The first and the best hack is to learn a little Thai language like S̄wạs̄dī, K̄hxbkhuṇ, Thèā h̄ịr̀ and etc. These small words can make a bigger impact when you are going around the place. Speaking Thai will give you the advantage to discover places and food around you also can help you get a good bargain. You can learn some basic Thai by CLICKING HERE.

2. Getting Massage

Pattaya is famous for its all kind massage services and many even travel to get such massage services. There are some really good massage centres in Pattaya who do traditional massages as well as some really naughty massage for all your needs. You can check this LINK to know about different types of massage centers in Pattaya. So how would you which is a good massage centre in general? Never go to any massage centres where the women are sitting outside and calling customers. They usually do a shitty job that’s why they have no customers. Look for a massage centre where the masseuses are not outside but inside working massaging someone. Most of you might be looking for a good foot massage, just look around for those massage centres were masseuses are busy. Do not just walking to a random massage centre, just look around and I am sure you will get very good service. Please note that this hack doesn’t work for boom boom parlours.

3. Food

Please remember you are not in your country, therefore, don’t just randomly go to your country specific cuisine restaurant. Particularly Indians, Chinese and Japanese, do not search for your kind of food, explore the local Thai cuisines. Again, do not just go to a fancy Thai restaurant but experience street food. If you want to go to a good restaurant, just look from the outside. If you see a number of Thai people eating, then just go inside but you see a number of foreigners then my suggestion is to ignore those places. Go to a restaurant or eating place where the locals go usually, you will get the best Thai food. One more suggestion is to ask your Pattaya girlfriend, if she is nice then she will take you to some fantastic places. Also learn a couple of Restaurant Phrases, it might help you decided what to eat.

4. Going Around

The best and the cheapest option is taking 10 Baht bus but there are scammers too, therefore, remember to know what direction you are going. Hop on 10 Baht bus going towards your direction and then do not talk to the driver. Just hop in and if you want to get down, just hit the red button above you. The next cheap way to travel is Two Wheeler taxi. Many Two Wheeler taxi drivers can ask you one to double rate and once you bargain they might reduce a little which will not work out for you so bargain differently. Tell the taxi guy that you came to that place in another taxi giving XYZ amount. Trust me, he will accept the amount you are quoting, if not at least he will quote an amount near to what you have asked him. This works like a gem, so use it. The next thing is of course taxi and if you are okay with spending little extra money then make sure you download GrabTaxi app and book it using that. It is the Thai version of Uber. Do not hire a taxi on the streets, you might probably get scammed.

5. Party

Identify your mood and go to the place similar to your mood, I mean if you would like to spend more then go to the walking street and if you are looking to spend little less then go to Soi 6 but if you are looking for a hack, then just go to Drinking Street. The cost of everything is cheap at Drinking Street and less crowd, therefore, you can enjoy your fun time without any disturbance. The next advice is, just visit local Thai clubs like Differ or Noir, you can really trip on some Thai music and maybe meet some genuine people including girls. It is worth a try!
So hope some of these hacks and advice helps you to enjoy Pattaya more. If you have any more hacks then let me know in the comment section below.