7 Types Of Massages In Pattaya

There are much more to massage in Pattaya than you have ever heard off. From a very professional Thai massage to happy ending massages, everything is possible in Pattaya. The region is filled with massage shops and I have a small list below that explains the difference between each massage and where to look for what.

1. Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage or Thai Yoga Massage is almost like an aerobic massage with a lot of stretching combining acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures. This divine massage releases all kinds of body pains and relieves stress. Traditional Thai Massage is mostly found in places where the women are aged and are in similar coloured long traditional dress. Traditional Thai Massage is performed while you are in your clothes or massage cloths. These women are very professional and do a fantastic job. These Thai centres also has a foot massage, head massage so on and so forth.

2. Oil Massage

The Thai Oil Massage is a form of Indian Ayurvedic Massage where the masseuse couple of oils, aroma and techniques similar to the massage done in the South Indian region of Kerala. First, the masseuse will perform a spiritual wai/ namaste and then relaxes your muscles by pressing it hard. Then the masseuse will use traditional worm oil on your body and massage it to relieve your pains or stress. Thai Oil Massage is also performed by older women, and they will be in long traditional dress.

Tip for the above two massages: Look for a message centre where the masseurs are not sitting outside and are busy inside. Go to a place where there are more customers than masseurs.

3. Happy Ending Massage

So this is like the most popular massages you would hear multiple times in the movies or search results but this Happy Ending Massages kinda different than what you see in a porno. Happy Ending Massage generally has a therapist who will work extra on your lower abdomen and more between your legs. This can happen in two ways, one is either she is a very professional therapist or a fun type. Yes, it is true that some of the places do give professional body massages including your thingy wingy and it’s amazing. On the other hand, some places offer you much more than doing with hands, I mean the mouth. Remember this, most of the Happy Ending Massage centres do not give full service or sex, some creepy once might do! Happy Ending Massage centres also have women dressed in uniform but are quite young and pretty compared to the above massage centre.

4. Nuru Massage

Body to Body Massage or Nuru Massage is a spicy massage service where a nude masseuse will work her experience over your nude body. Generally, she will use oil or some kind of gel on her body and she will rub it all over you. The warm touch of her body blends in with your body to raise your pointer to 90 degrees angle. This will trigger her to sit on it and ride it till you kill a million. Hope that description makes way to PG13!

5. Boom Boom Massage

Boom Boom Massage is straightforward sex massage. She will get nude, and horse rides you for an hour or less or till you burst out. There is nothing called as massage but its just more like having sex with a pretty masseuse.

AG Agtong
AG Agtong

6. LadyBoy Massage

If you want the best of two worlds then Ladyboy massage is perfect for you. They can offer you everything that a usual girl massage offers but with a bigger twist which may turn out to be bigger than your expectation. So, on the whole’, it will be an experience worth trying!

7. Soapy Massage

Remember that the last article I wrote about Soapy massages where I gave knowledge & route map to the treasure of soapy pleasure? No? CLICK HERE. No pressure!

Average Prices in Pattaya’s Massage Salons –Foot Massage: 150- 200 BahtThai Massage: 200- 250 BahtOil Massage: 250- 300 BahtHand Job: 300- 500 BahtBlow Job: 500- 1000 BahtSex: 1000- 1500 Baht Nuru Massage: 2000- 3000 BahtSoapy Massage: 2000- 4000 Baht

Dirty massages can be found in Soi 6, Second Road, Soi Buakhao, Soi 13/2 and other places. The Traditional Thai Massages can be found almost everywhere, just look for a place where the girls are in long traditional dress. So which all massages have you tried or want to try? Comment below.