All About Pattaya’s Weather & Climate

Pattaya’s weather is hot throughout the year with an average peak at around 30° Celsius. Located close to the sea and aligns at sea level, Pattaya is one of the hottest places in South East Asia. Pattaya has three seasons, but because of the humid, you might only experience rain and hot sun. Pattaya is extremely hot in around March- April and little less extreme in November-December.

Extremely Hot

Summer season that is March, April & May are hottest. The temperature might go up to 32°C and low around 25°C. The humid is much higher because of the nearby sea.

Best Time

October to February is a perfect time to visit Pattaya. Even though the weather is not that cold, but definitely it will not be like summer. The average is around 29°C and low at 22°C.

Getting wet

In the sense rainy season and not Songkran or another thing you filthy b**tards. June to September is the rainy season, and it seriously pores a lot. It might be fun at these times to visit Pattaya but, sometimes it might become dangerous as it pours and floods the streets.

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