5 Best Locations to Meet Sexy Girls in Pattaya

Many might argue saying girls are everywhere but for a first-timer, it is kinda tricky. Pattaya girls are good looking and some working girls are really hot. Refer to my last blog about “10 Sexy Bar Girls Spotted On The Internet” for some eye candies and let us be your guide to find girls in Pattaya.

1. Beer Bars

The first and the most famous ways to meet a girl is in Beer Bars. With cheap beers selling all around the place, you will be joined by a pretty prince. You can definitely make them your friends and maybe more. Soi 6 is the most sinful street in Pattaya for Beer Bars. Soi 7 and Soi 8 also has some good beer bars with really good looking girls. If you want to take any girl back to your room then you need to pay around 500- 700 Baht as Bar Fine and probably a drink or two to your lady costing you around 150-200 Baht each. The typical price for sex with Pattaya bar girls is around 1,000 Baht for short time, and 2,000 Baht for a long time, it can vary.

2. Massage Centers

The best way to start a day in Pattaya is to get a relaxing massage and even better to find a cute young girl who is ready to give you much more than a message. It depends what kind of message you want and of course, she is gonna be free after her massages hours. Many do freelance in free time and there are really good looking girls in Massage centres. You can know more about Massage HERE.

3. Night Clubs

Night Clubs is another great place to meet girls. Nightclubs like agogos and others do have really good looking women but if you are looking for a like-minded girl then you can definitely hit some Thai clubs like Differ or Noir etc. The agogos are filled with working girls where you need to pay bar fines and also pay the women however in Thai clubs, you just need to score a cute girl. I would suggest you all to try to score at Thai Clubs, you will find some really cute girls.

4. Beach Road

Beach Road is like the most popular places to pick and choose your night entertainment in the comfort of your room however it can also happen where you meet normal girls too. Beach Road has freelancers like all the time. I have never seen that road without freelancers anytime, therefore, it’s a great way to meet a sexy woman. But be cautious, there are few scam artists at Beach Road, read all about it HERE.

5. Online Dating Site

I love to meet new girls via dating apps. I mean, I have met many cute and sexy women using apps like Tinder & ThaiFriendly. Most of the girls are Freelancers and there is some really sexy looking woman on the internet. Tinder is free to use and ThaiFriendly also, if you can wait 10 minutes to send each message. Both apps absolutely rocks and I recommend to try it at least once.