Celebrating Valentine’s Day In Pattaya As A Single

Pattaya is a great place for all the singles but then on Valentine’s Day, it is extra special because if you have money then you are not single anymore. It is a magical place to pick up a woman of your choice for a one night stand or your preference. However, it is very confusing about where to go and what to do. Do not worry, this article will tell you what you can do the entire day on the valentines day.

Morning Ritual

Pattaya is a place to be lazy and after the last night of heavy drinking, I am sure you will get up kinda late however it is best to visit ‘The Sanctuary of Truth’. Experience the divine place by exploring the beautiful carvings of Hindu Gods. Then head to Pattaya Floating market.

Yummy Tummy

By the time you reach the Floating market, your tummy would be looking for some yummy. You cannot find a better place to have a wonderful lunch. Why not take a step forward and try Thai special crunchy scorpion or deliciously barbecued crocodile? Then look around, you can shop pretty women for free here (wink wink).

Early evening

If you didn’t find a company don’t worry, take a two-wheeler taxi straight to Beer Garden. Choose a place and women of your type and enjoy the beautiful sunset with some beer. She will help you relax more. You can take her with you or say bye bye for a better night. You can definitely fit in a short time of an hour break.

After Sun-downer

So its almost late evening and you are still looking for a company then do a small window shopping on Walking Street and maybe have a couple of drinks at any Agogo. It is expensive but who cares, right?

A couple of drinks later

Head to Soi 6 and get a good foot massage and relax. Not yet relaxed then go to Boom Boom massage or Soapy massage, they will have some valentine’s day offers. Get a complete rejuvenation for the upcoming night.

10 PM

Head to Soi 6 and have delicious dinner at the corner of the street, on beach road near Family Mart or McDonald’s. Once your tummy is happy, head back to Soi 6 or Soi LK Metro. There are a lot of girls looking for you “Handsome man”. Didn’t like it then go to Drinking Street. The best looking girls under one roof. Get the cheapest beers at Drinking street and enjoy your night like a Knight rider.
Caution: Never date a bar girl, freelancer & prostitutes, and never on the Valentine’s Day. Just enjoy your single life, and stay happy forever.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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