What are the changes expected in Pattaya, Thailand Nightlife & Freelancers 2022

Pattaya is getting back to its original form only slower. Even though the tourism is much less, Pattaya seems to be recovering, which would be a good sign. But there have been many changes which might shock you. Let’s go point by point to understand the new culture of Pattaya in 2022.

  1. Tree Town NightMarket is the new hub – Tree Town has become the new destination for nightlife as there are tons of bars open in and around Tree Town. The Tree Town NightMarket offers lady bars, restaurants and even some freelancers wandering around.
  2. Walking Street is dead – Even though things have picked up, walking street is still sleeping as it looks deserted with fewer tourists and bars. It is unclear as to if walking street would ever open again like before, we need to wait and watch.
  3. Marijuana/ Cannabis cafe – Pattaya’s latest trend are the cannabis cafes which have popped out almost everywhere. Can cannabis replace alcohol in Pattaya? need to watch out.
  4. No Dance in Gogo Bars – The government has regulated some nightlife activities, therefore, agogo bars won’t feature tons of girls dancing nude or semi-nude. It will usually be like another lady bar.
  5. Shut the shop at 11 PM – Bars should close by 11 pm, if not then everyone including customers are fined. So make sure, you walk out before 11 pm.
  6. Soi Boomerang – New Nightlife place with mostly Gentlemen’s club. Worth a visit.
  7. Freelancers – They might cost you little higher Short Time 1000-1500 & Long time 2000-3000

Enjoy visiting Pattaya, Thailand.