Common Mistake You Commit During Your Pattaya, Thailand Trip

It’s common for travellers to commit a couple of unavoidable mistakes, but sometimes it so happens that you are sad at the end of the trip. Of course, I am not talking about Scams you encounter but something more relating more. These mistakes and advice might help you to experience Pattaya better and to have maximum fun.

1. Travelling for just two days

Pattaya is a small place, but there is so much more to Pattaya than getting drunk and having boom booms. Of course, you have come to Pattaya for cheap pleasures, but there is more. In Pattaya, you can experience adventure sports, beautiful beaches, island travel, date with elephant, tigers and dolphins, a spiritual journey with Buddha and even a shopping spree. So I would advise at least a week in Pattaya.

2. Late-night every night?

Having late-night parties in Pattaya is common, and no harm in doing it every day. However, at least one day sleep early and experience the day time Pattaya. Go to the Big Buddha early morning to see the sunrise. Go to the beach early morning and enjoy the morning sunshine. Pattaya has beautiful scenic beauty and early morning is the best time to experience it.

3. Thai Girlfriend

Realize that the girl you meet in Pattaya wants money and she will be your girlfriend till you give her money. Their job is to treat you special, but if you fall for her thinking she is very sweet, then god bless you. The freelancers or bargirls work for money, and as a traveller, you should be aware. Enjoy Pattaya physically and never emotionally.

4. No local knowledge

Some of the travellers do not even study about the place. They just go clueless and end up doing much less than a knowledgable person. Get local knowledge about food, culture and make sure you learn a couple of Thai words. It will help you to experience more.

5. Too Much Drunk

I am sure 49 baht or 69 baht might look cheap but that doesn’t mean you get sloshed. Understand you are in a foreign country and behave maturely. Drinking is not bad but make sure you know your capacity. Drink as much as you want but never cross your handling limit.

6. Fighting with Thai Locals

It so happens, that end up fighting with someone in Thailand. It might be a random guy on the street or your pickup girl for the day or even a ladyboy. They are localite and have much more power than you. The local police will also support them, therefore, do not show your heroism but try to de-escalate the situation.

7. Using no Protection

I don’t think you need much information on this but use protection always.
Hope your travel to Pattaya become more fruitful.