Corona Virus Impact On Pattaya Thailand Sex Industry And The Future

Corona Virus has impacted the world over, and Thailand is no different. Even though Thailand has a large number of Chinese tourists, the impact was minimum. The Corona Virus might not have effected Thailand directly yet, the lack of tourists as devastated the economy. It has affected even people lives, especially those who work in the Sex Industry. The major revenue generated by Thailand is via its tourism and this pandemic has made lives difficult. Thousands of business have a shutdown, thousands have lost jobs and multiple suicide deaths have rocked the entire country. What is the future?

The Thai government has taken some hasty decisions which have made life even more difficult. The Thai government did announce a relief package for those who have lot their job but what about thousands of Sex Workers who do not belong to any category. Most of the freelance sex workers have gone back to their respective villages and have become farmers just to get a meal a day. Many bars and restaurants in Pattaya have been serving people with delicious free meals just so that people don’t sleep with an empty stomach. It is heartbreaking to see the condition of people. With all this happening in Thailand, what is the scope of Pattaya in the coming months and years?

Even though it is very difficult to recover the huge financial losses, which might introduce a big shift in tourism and sex industry. The government has introduced tour opportunities for locals, which means that the prominence would be given to locals to travel around Thailand. This major shift can increase local revenue generation, than those who travel from other countries. The sex industry might also shift its focus as it might become unpopular in the coming years. The tourists might be redirected to Indonesia, Cambodia and the Philippines. The possibilities might be enormous. But I just hope the impact to be minimum, as we all love and share the same bond towards our favourite Pattaya, Thailand.