The Demons of Beach Road, Pattaya – Freelancer Scams

The Beach Road, Pattaya is known for its glamorous eating places, bars, fancy massage centres, beach waves and freelance hookers. What more can you ask for? For singles who are travelling to Pattaya and you want to score a freelancer standing on beach road then make sure you read this article. I call freelancers on beach road as demons because most of them are usually bad, carries STDs & trying to scam you. Many do not open up and speak about Beach Road hookers but there are a lot of people who say to find women in bars than on streets, take a hint. Get ready to take a dive into the world of Beach Road hookers and their prey.
Beach Road hookers or freelancers dress up fancy and stand on the footpath attracting men walking by. These hookers usually call out saying “Hey, handsome man” or just hand gesture towards men. Men walk in front of them usually window shopping and then once you like someone then you approach her and make a deal with her. So this is how the conversation goes

You – How are you?
Freelancer – I am good
Freelancer – Short time ( ฿500- ฿1000) & Long time ( ฿800- ฿2000)

It is that quick! So there is nothing really happening. You just pick her for sex and nothing else. So you take her to your room and she sits on the sofa asking, Short time or Long time? You say whatever and then she will ask money even before you touch her. This is the first scam, never ever give money in advance. If you do then, she will make it quick, sometimes abuse you and show no interest in you. Therefore a big no-no to giving money in advance. The next thing is that she expresses her weirdness towards the note you have given her. It might be five hundred or thousand, she will give you expressions that the note you have given is weird. This is the scam number two. She will try to do some weird things to tell you that the note is not good and then in the morning, she will tell you to change the note and give you a fake note. Scam number three is, of course, stealing which I think most of you know about. If not then understand one thing, you are sleeping with a stranger in your own room. She can steal anything under your eyes and you won’t even know. Also, they are Freelancer maybe because they would have failed the medical test, who knows? there be safe.
There is a bigger loss than again for you if you go ahead and meet someone similar to the above. I am not saying everyone is like this but remember Demons of Beach Road, Pattaya are watching you.