Exploring Boyz Town in Pattaya, Thailand

Do you know Pattaya has something called Boyz Town? A crazy street with handsome built men waiting to have fun with you. I am sure, you will be thinking that this article is a lie but its not. Pattaya’s Boyz Town is like Soi 6 for Gay men. A street filled with really good looking men waiting to hook up with you or maybe you can hang out with them with a couple of gentleman drink. You can even find Agogo bar with nude men dancing inside. All this is not a fantasy but a reality. Let me describe my small walkthrough inside the amazing Boyz Town.

Boyz Town seems to be hidden maybe coz its hidden alley little away from the major nightclub destinations. Boyz Town located close to Walking Street and situated next to 13/4 Alley. I entered the Boyz Town from Saisong Road where you can see a funky banner which says “Boyz Town”. Even though it was difficult to pass on all the motorbikes parked right opposite the board, I just made way for myself and entered the great Boyz Town.

On the right, before the board, there is a massage shop which says “Scandic Body Massage – Man Club”. That was the first epic board I saw because the boards had men abs, 6 packs. Anyways, I started walking and weirdly not many people on the street felt empty like Soi 6 on a rough day. So I passed the board and the next thing I saw was Thai men sitting topless, in their red underwear. They don’t look like gay men nor they did act like one. They saw me and one guy pulled me towards him. I have options, that’s what was running in my mind. Anyways, I walk past this guy telling him “I will come back” which is what I usually tell my exes. I also saw some thug life men with fantastic tattoos similar to evil men in Jackie chan movies. I was afraid not because I would be robbed or killed but I was afraid of getting raped in the middle of this crazy street. I did have a negative mentality towards this road because some farangs had told me never to enter this road, I just wonder why. Anyways, so I started walking and observing the surroundings. Have you ever seen a gold penis? There are 2 of it just outside Boyz Boyz Boyz nightclub. With a flashlight on it, it felt so divine looking at those pair of cricket bats and balls. What I also found that many men who work here are really good looking with very distinct body features and they are nice and not pushy like how you would imagine.
So I was exploring the place and suddenly out of the blue, I heard a female voice saying “Hello”. I saw her and she saw me. It felt so magical but then she pushed a tall Thai handsome man towards me. Magic felt like Thanos snap and I turned to dust instantly. That handsome gay man hugged me and pulled me inside. I said “No… I cannot cheat on my boyfriend” but his sense of touch was pulling me towards him. He said “I will give you a free beer” but how can I cheat? so I said, “I still love you but we can’t be together”. He cried and ran away like a sinking ship and I turned away from him and walked away. I would never see him again, I cannot feel his touch or his chest. He is gone to another customer, I think. By the way, the above story is bull shit. I did hear a female calling me and she really pushed a man towards me. He did try to take me inside his pub but I walked away like how I usually do it to my exes.

So remember to visit this alley at least once, coz it is really cool. Only bros around who are also hoes but still they behave like bros. It is nice to sit with a man and have a drink with him and trust me, no one is going to rape you until you get drunk. Go figure!