A Guide to Nightlife at Pattaya Soi 6, Thailand

People visiting Pattaya, Thailand for the first time are confused, whether to visit Soi 6 or not. Even though proper research might not give you the exact information, but it often confuses people.So what is in Pattaya Soi 6? Something you will love!
Walking street has gone crazy these days with high prices and always overcrowded. A lot of commercialization has impacted this location. So the next option to come out of the chaotic atmosphere is Soi 6.

Soi 6 located alongside beach road is a single street with more than 30 bars, and most of them are lady bars. Most bars in Soi 6 has inbuilt rooms for short term fun. The drinks are also cheap, and the ladies are much better looking then walking the street. So this is the brief of the place but what more? let me tell you what I saw and what you can expect

I entered the street from Soi Buakhao side, which is the other end of Soi 6. I took a 10 baht bus from the location I was staying. The view of Soi 6 looks flashy and somewhat small, but once you enter the street, its candy land. Beautiful Thai girls calling you “Handsome men” and pulling you inside their bar is more than fantastic. The street filled with different lady bars and most of them is short term bars. Which means you can hire working girls only for a short time. The bars have inbuilt private rooms for short term fun. Nightwish group owns almost all the bars on Soi 6, but that doesn’t mean its all the same. Every bar has a theme and a different set of prices. The girls from these bars are very good looking and friendly.

Price Details

Beer – 49 baht to 90 baht
Other Liquor – 80 baht to 150 baht
Lady Drinks – 150 baht to 250 baht
Short Time Rooms – 300 baht to 350 baht
Bar Fine – 300 baht to 500 baht
Short Time Girl Price – 500 baht to 1000 baht
Long Time Girl Price (They don’t usually come) – 1000 baht to 3000 baht