Can Pattaya, Thailand Recover from the Pandemic??

Its been over a year of COVID situation in the world. Many countries are opening up slowly for tourism, including Thailand. Even though a lot of people are unhappy about Thailand’s way forward, people are still hopeful of a better recovery. But practically can all this happen and fast? Not. This article will help you to overview and see the future of our favourite destination Pattaya, Thailand.

Thailand Tourism Ministry

Thailand Tourism Ministry is one of the outdated ministries who have failed to see the reality. Currently, Thailand is looking at Chinese to recover from the losses it occurred during Covid, but they forgot where the pandemic started. Even though as per records, Chinese are one of the major spenders in Thailand, but most of them only travel in groups and deal with Chinese shops or hotels only. Thailand Tourism Ministry is also giving Thailand Special Tourist Visa to those who want to stay in Thailand a long time at least 90 days, however, that includes 14 days of quarantine, two covid tests and at least 500k baht in your bank. Obviously, there are only a handful of people visiting Thailand, which will not help Thailand economy in any way.

Going Out of Business Sale

Due to the irresponsible government, business in Pattaya is closing fast. Even some of the iconic bars and restaurants have closed due to lack of tourists. Pattaya’s Beer Garden has also shut its door. Some businesses are unable to sell their property are going bankrupt. Even if Thailand opens, we would never see a few places coming up at least soon.


The most disappointing issue would be of the Freelancers. The difficult time made many Freelancers go back to their villages and do farming. Some have become homeless and even committed suicide due to lack of money. Freelancers did not get any sort of relief from the government, and that made many girls suffer.

Civil War Uprising

On top of this pandemic, Thailand is seeing unrest among the youth of the country. The protest has broken out in parts of Thailand to reform the Monarchy mainly opposing Maha Vajiralongkorn and the prime minister Prayut Chan-o-cha. Even though the uprising is good, this might turn to be more ugly. This is not the first time where Public and Government is standing face to face, but this time it is more serious as the government is taking the wrong steps to improve the country post covid pandemic.

So do you think Pattaya can bounce back in the Mid 2021 or 2022?