Tips on choosing a hotel in Pattaya for the First timer

So if you are travelling to Pattaya for the first time, you will be having plenty of doubts, and one of those is where to stay. Even though it is not that hard to pick out the best location in Pattaya, you could choose the wrong area to stay. Most of the hotels in Pattaya are good, but the area you pick will make a big difference. You cannot stay in the middle of the walking street if you are on your honeymoon. First of all, who goes to Pattaya for a honeymoon? Anyways, the following article might be your bible to pick the best area in Pattaya that is according to your preference.

The first thing is to know why you are travelling to Pattaya. For business, pleasure or as a couple? Once you have a set phase, then decide what else you need on addition.

If you are travelling for pleasure, then make a choice. Do you want to stay in the nightlife zone or little away yet near? If you want to stay in the nightlife zone then the best choice is to choose hotels located on walking street, Soi Buakhao and around Soi 6 areas.

Now if you want to stay little off nightlife then you can choose hotels just a few meters away from these areas. I myself usually choose to stay in South Pattaya because it is near to all locations and it is very quite.

Now if you are travelling as a couple then I would recommend you stay somewhere near Jomtien beach. It is more friendly for children as well. Jomtien beach hotels are little costlier than Pattaya main area but it is much more relaxing and less activity.

A small tip before you decide a hotel, make sure you check the hotel’s website before booking. Also please check directly with the hotel if there is free guest check-in or do they charge for the joiner.
Happy Travelling!