Top 10 Most Common Scams In Pattaya, Thailand

Any tourist place in the world has multiple scams. Pattaya is visited over a million people a year, this tourist hot spot can also be a disappointment when you are cheated. If you are a first-time visitor then you should really be aware of these scams because come on who would want to be sad in Pattaya right?

1. Jet Ski Scam

One of the most popular and an expensive scam is the Jet Ski Scam which can happen to you 90% of the times when you take a Jet Ski for a ride. You can rent Jet Ski anywhere on the beach but beware that most of the times you are scammed. Once you hire a Jet Ski for a couple of minutes and return to the base without bumping into anything. However, you will soon discover some scratches, paint coming off and other issues with the Jet Ski. Now you know for a fact that you didn’t do anything but your helpless because those who you hired Jet Ski are not the villains of this plot. Even if you call the police, they can’t help you bail out of this and finally, you will end up paying ฿30000 – ฿40000 or more. The best thing to do is to not take the ride at all.

2. Motorbike Scam

Motorbike Scam is also very common in Pattaya and like the Jet Ski Scam, you can get ripped off. The Motorbike Scam is very similar to the Jet Ski Scam however you there is a small chance not to get ripped off. I mean of-course don’t hire is one advice but if you hire a bike or car then simply take a lot of photos and videos of the hiring vehicle. Make sure you cover the entire bike or car in the photos and videos, and if there are marks already then make sure you take a photo of it or show the owner. This can help you when you are returning the Motorbike.

3. Beach Road Girl Scam

Beach Road Girl Scam is a growing scam and many demons on Beach Road are ripping off their customers. The girls usually quote a price and you take her to your room. She will ask you to pay upfront and doesn’t give you good service. There are a lot of things which can happen to you which I have written it HERE.

4. No Meter Taxi Scam

No Meter Taxi Scam is also one of the most popular scams in Pattaya. So you urgently want to go somewhere and you stop a taxi. The guy tells you ฿200- ฿500 and you will give him. Now the point is, a metered taxi will cost you much cheaper than these kinds of taxis. Now the scam doesn’t stop there, the taxi driver will try to market you Suits, Gemstone stores telling you that today they are offering at the best price. That is not true. Check out those scams in detail below.

5. Baht Bus Scam

Baht Buses are the cheapest commute around Pattaya, but if you are not familiar then you can be scammed easily. Baht Bus usually stop when you show the hand, and press the top red button on the top to stop. Once it stops, just give 10 baht and move on. If however you stop a Baht Bus and ask him if the bus is going to a particular place then he might pretend to be a taxi and ask you for more money. So hold on to your google maps and know your way to commute easy on baht bus.

6. Suit Scam

Suit Scam is the continuation of No Meter Taxi Scam because this scam usually happens via taxi guy. The No Meter Taxi guy will offer less price to take you to the destinations you asked for however on the way he will stop at a nice suit shop they will force you to buy one. The scam goes like this, the tailor shows you wonderful cloth for your perfect suit and he will tell a little higher price than usual however it seems to be cheap for foreigners. Now you pay him and you are happy. A couple of days later, you go to collect your Suit and its, of course, ready but the cloth feels cheap in quality. Even though you tell him that its the wrong cloth, he will argue and push you out of the store with the worst ever suit. Taxi guy made his commission, store guy got good money and at the end, you are the looser.

7. Ping Pong Scam

Someone on the offers you to come to his Ping Pong Show for just ฿300 with one free drink. You are alone and you feel that you should go and enjoy the show. Now you are sitting inside enjoying the show and then a waiter comes with the bill for ฿3000. You will start arguing with the waiter and then a big built man with a rod or a baseball bat will come towards you and make sure you pay the quoted amount. The best thing to escape this is not to go to Ping Pong Show at all.

8. Extra Bills Scam

Even though Extra Bills Scam is little rare but it still happens where the bar gives you a long-running bill for your drinks which you have never had. This used to happen a lot but it has been reducing as the bill comes every time you order the drink.

9. Dating Scam

You pick up a bar girl or a freelancer, she is really nice to you and takes care of you. With all the love and care she is giving, you feel that she really likes you and you propose to her. Even though not all girls will accept, some girls do accept and give you a great time. Now suddenly she has to leave as her buffalo in the village is sick. She acts devastated and asks you to give some money as she promises she would return. Trusting her, you will give money and then she leaves. Now you fly back to your country but still, you remember her very much. She will also send you “Miss you” messages and of course more money from you for her to stop going to the bar to earn. You think that she is all yours but fact is some other men will also be thinking the same and sending her money. On top of it, she will still be working as a freelance or a bar girl. So keep in mind, Never date a freelancer or a bar girl.

10. Gemstone Scam

This can be said as the continuation of No Meter Taxi Scam. The taxi driver couldn’t impress you to buy a suit, no problem he knows an amazing gemstone place where they are selling gems for a cheap rate. He takes you to an alley which has a gemstone shop. The taxi driver gives a shaking hand to the gemstone guy and he takes you in. He will show amazing gems for actually less price than in the market however he is selling you fake gems. You guy a couple of stones giving thousands and then after a few days, you will discover that the gems you had bought are fake. You cant return it, so you are scammed.

There are much more scams in Pattaya however these are the most common ones experienced by almost all.