Top 3 Destinations To Go From Pattaya For A Day

Pattaya is a great place to relax and rejuvenate. There are a lot of things to do and experience in Pattaya, Thailand. A week is not enough to spend time in Pattaya. But if you are staying for a long time, then I think, you might feel to escape the chaos of Pattaya’s Nightlife. You have a day time to escape and explore then I have three brilliant suggestions for you. We also have some secret destinations, check it out

1. Koh Larn –

Koh Larn Island, also known as the Emerald Island is the most famous destination to go from Pattaya. Situated very close to Pattaya, this exotic natural island has one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand. Even though the island is full of tourists, you will feel much relaxed as the atmosphere is exceptional.

How to Travel:

Opt 1: Speed boat – 300 Baht per person (Group – One Way) 1000 – 1500 Baht (Single & Couple – One Way) Travel time 15 to 20 minutes – a bumpy ride
Opt 2: Koh Larn ferry – 30 Baht per Person (One Way) Travel time 40 to 45 minutes
Distance from Pattaya: 11 Kilometers
Must-See: Tawaen Beach, Nual Beach & Tien Beach

2. Ko Sichang –

This is one of the lesser popular destinations near Pattaya. If you are looking for a pure nature destination without many people then, Ko Sichang island is the right choice. Ko Sichang Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand, and it is very near to Pattaya. This island is famous for its scenic beauty and sunset, best for nature enthusiasts.

How to Travel:

Even though you could take a speed boat to the Island, I would not recommend it because of its cost. So a better plan is to travel to Si Racha via bus from Pattaya which costs you 80- 100 Baht and travel time is around 1.25 hours. From the bus stand, take a small ride 20-50 baht ride to catch the ferry. The ferry trip costs you around 40 baht for each trip and takes about 45 minutes.
Distance from Pattaya: 26 KilometersMust-See: Hat Tham Phang Beach, Asdang Pier and Chao Pho Khao Shrine.

3. Koh Samet –

Koh Samet Island is also one of the most famous destinations to go near Pattaya. Even though this island is far from Pattaya, a visit to this Fun-Filled Escapade is a must. Known for its beautiful coastline, beaches and food, Koh Samet is the destination to be for nature lovers. This island also offers different types of water sports and nightlife experiences.

How to Travel:

You can hire a speed boat but, I would suggest you take a bus to Rayong for like 60 Baht and from there take a ride to ferry stop for like 20 baht. The Price for the ferry is around 50 baht per person. You can also take a taxi from Pattaya for 1200-1500 Baht.
Distance from Pattaya: 80 Kilometers
Must-See: Prao Beach, Sai Kaew Beach and Wong Duen Beach Khao Laem National Park.

Here is a list of secret Islands to escape Pattaya and Explore1. Koh Man Wichai2. Khram Yai island3. Ko Khram Noi4. Ko Rang Kwan5. Ko Nok6. Samae San IslandThe best way to travel here is by speed boats, however, some islands do have ferry service, do check it out.

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