Top 7 Places for Soapy Massage In Pattaya With Price Details

You visited Pattaya and miss to get a Soapy Massage? You just wasted a trip to Pattaya, Thailand. Soapy Massage is the best thing that happened to Pattaya. I am sure you would hear about Soapy Massages but you don’t know what it is and where to find it then this article is for you. So before I talk about where to find them, let me give you a small idea of what happens when you visit.
So you enter the fancy Soapy Massage for free. A helper will take you to the display area where you can spot somewhere from 10 girls to over 200 girls depending on the time and place you choose. Choose a lady by her number and tell it to the helper. Pay the full amount at the reception and you will be escorted to the private massage room. The girl you choose will walk in with towels, oil and condoms. Get nude and she will help you take a bath. Next, you lie on an air mattress for a massage and the girl who is also nude will rub her body against yours. After the massage, she will make you sit and depending on your preference you can get a handjob, blowjob or full sex. Once you blow out the million people, she will wash you again and done. The whole experience will take around 90 minutes.
So these are top 10 places in Pattaya for a best soapy massage

1. PP Body Massage

PP Body Massage is known for its good looking girls and services. This Massage centre is located just opposite the Adelphi Hotel, off Soi Buakhao. Currently very popular among the Chinese & brown community.
Prices: ‎฿2000 to ‎฿2500/- (‎฿3000+ for models)

2. Rasputin

Located just off Soi 6 on the second road, Rasputin offers more than 100 girls depending on the time you visit. The speciality of this place is that there are no air mattresses and the girls will work their magic inside the bathtub. You can also choose 2 at a time.
Prices: ‎฿2000 to ‎฿3000/- (‎฿4000 to 6000+ for models)

3. Sabai Room

Located on the second road opposite to Red Planet Hotel, Sabai Room is the oldest soapy massage centre in Pattaya. Popular among Firangs, this place offers you all types of massage services including yoghurt and ice massage for whoever is interested.
Prices: ‎฿2000 to ‎฿3000/-

4. Honey 1

Honey 1 is located on the Phatthyasaisong 11 adjacent to Soi Buakhao. This massage centre is preferred mostly by Chinese & Indian nationals and this place has a very good selection of girls.
Prices: ‎฿2000 to ‎฿2500/- (฿3000+ for models)

5. Honey 2

Previously known as SabaiLand, Honey 2 is located on Second road next to Siam @ Siam hotel. The girls here are very beautiful and it is worth every penny.
Prices: ‎฿2000 to ‎฿2500/- (฿3000+ for models)

6. Heaven Entertainment Complex

Located on Sukhumvit road, Heaven Entertainment is one of the best massage centres to fulfil your fantasies.
Prices: ‎฿2000 to ‎฿2500/-

7. Sabai Dee

Just next to Siam @ Siam Hotel, Sabai Dee is the most popular soap massage parlour in Pattaya. They have wide varieties of choices for all kinds of men.
Prices: ‎฿2000 to ‎฿3000/-

So enjoy the love of nature with a Thai woman!