A Travel Guide To Pattaya for Families, Couple & Children

Everyone knows that Pattaya is a fun place for single bachelors who wants to seek some pleasures of the world, but what does it offer for a family? Many people travel to Pattaya as a family or with children, and most of them are clueless. They usually roam around the beach or go to the floating market and return to their respective cities or countries. This article will be a bible or a guide to those who would like to travel with family or children to Pattaya, Thailand.

Choosing A Hotel

So you land in Bangkok and take a straight bus or taxi to Pattaya. The first confusion is where to stay or which location is better and out of all the adult action. Even though most of Pattaya is suitable for the family, I would strongly recommend staying in Jomtien Beach. Jomtien Beach is much cleaner and calmer than the main Pattaya area. Jomtien Beach also has sufficient resorts and hotels suitable for families and kids.


There are a lot of places to see in Pattaya other than the adult entertainment areas. If you are visiting as a family but all adults then you can go to places like Big Buddha Temple, Sanctuary of Truth, Mini Siam, Underwater World, Dolphin World, Wat Yannasangwararam, Tiger Park or you can visit Ko Lan Island. If you are travelling with children then you can visit all the places above as well as Cartoon Network or Ramayana Theme Park, Teddy Bear Museum, Upside Down and Dinosaur Park. Caution, if you have kids do not go to Love Art Park, you will regret it.

Pattaya is a great place for a family vacation but please take my advice, do not go to any bars on walking street, Soi 6, Soi LK Metro or any girl bar if you have kids. This is my advice.