Top 10 Lesser-Known Scams In Pattaya, Thailand

There are a good number of scams happening in Pattaya, and after going through my other article Top 10 Most Common Scams In Pattaya, Thailand, this tips might help you to know more about the scams that happen in Pattaya without your knowledge. So here is a list of top 10 lesser-known scams in Pattaya, Thailand.

1. Fake Note Scam

This is very rare but, it is a happening scam. You have a couple of dollars, and you want to exchange it to Baht. There are good exchange stores around, but there are some scammers as well. These scammers can give you duplicate notes in exchange for a cheaper rate. It is easy to recognise if you are a local, but as a tourist, it is difficult.

2. Girlfriend Scam

You meet a lovely bar girl or a freelancer who is much sweeter than your ex-wife. These freelancers are doing their job of making you happy but, if you fall in love then, you might be a part of a scam. Of course, 90% of the women you meet in Pattaya are good, but a few are scammers. These scammers might be dating multiple farangs just for monthly income. You can lose money and quickly, so beware.

3. No Service Scam

You walk along the beach road, and you see a pretty freelancer waiting to go with you. So you take her to your room, and she will ask for money upfront. You give her money, expecting an excellent service but you get only 5 minutes of horse riding. She pretends to be very sleepy and tired. So it is better to choose a bar girl than beach road freelancers.

4. Drug & Theft

This was one of the popular scams, but it has reduced as many of the hotels have increased security. You pick up a cute little Thai freelancer to your room and offer her to drink with you. When you excuse yourself to the toilet she will slowly add a cheap drug which flattens you. Then she will rob your entire belongings, and says goodbye. So it is recommended that your guest is checked in at the reception before she enters your room.

5. Spiked Drinks

This can happen anywhere, and it is difficult to pinpoint locations. Even though I haven’t identified a single place in Pattaya who spike drinks, but I am aware that it happens. I do not have any advice, but make sure you go to a better bar.

6. Corrupt Police Scam

There are varieties of ways police can scam you. From asking more money for not having a driving licence to planting drugs in your bad. It has happened, happening even today. The best way to escape all this is by not fighting with a local cop and never talk about drugs.

7. Currency Switch

You go to a local vendor and buy something for 20 baht. You don’t have changed, so you give a 1000 baht note. The shopkeeper gives change for 100 baht. When you ask, the shopkeeper will argue that you have given only 100 baht. It is better to keep a photo of your currency notes importantly 1000 baht for safety.

8. Overcharging Bar Scam

Have you seen an old farang, sitting in the middle of Walking Street with many tourist police? Well, that is because some bar has charged him more than what he ordered. This is like a regular scam which happens, and the only way to escape this scam is to pay as in when you order.

9. Floating Market photo scam

While walking inside the Floating Market, you will see someone dressed or a decorative throne. You feel that you should take a picture, and someone looking after it will be very happy to assist you. Once the photo is taken, they demand money. It might be 100 baht or less but it is a scam.

10. Bird Release

This is a big one. At temples, someone will tell you to release the bird from his cage for good luck. The luck starts when you release the bird. The man who offered you will become so much lucky that he will ask you to give 10 times more money than the actual rate. Now you cant get the bird back, therefore, you pay him.
Hope this helps… Enjoy Pattaya.